Ina's quote


Commercial Contract Management at Hewlett Packard
Senior Legal Counsel at Steria
Independent Consultant at Legallo
In-house Lawyer at Accenture and Computer Associates


Rechtsanwältin (Germany)
Solicitor (England and Wales)
CEDR Accredited Mediator


Having grown up in rural Germany, Ina was drawn in by the international side of student life and embraced the possibility to study abroad to the full. This lead to her living in three European capital cities, but ultimately brought her to living in the English countryside with her husband, children and dog. Ina balances her work and own interests with being a parent and partner. She runs, cycles, tries to be a domestic goddess and is involved in the local community.



Ina’s approach

Ina has negotiated and managed transactions, predominantly in the IT and Services industry, and always with the mind-set to reach a resolution that works for both parties. She achieves this by creating a constructive balance between the parties. She has a particular interest in contract mediation: mediation applied throughout the contract life cycle – from the negotiation stage as a facilitated and mediated agreement, through contract management with regular facilitated checkpoints and through the exit phase, when conflict can arise.

She has lived, studied and worked in a number of European countries and has gained a broad understanding of differences across European cultures. Through bringing up her children, she developed an interest in psychology, motivation and how behaviour patterns develop which are encountered in a professional environment.

She speaks English, Dutch, French and her native German fluently and is able to work in a multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional environment.

Examples of her experience

Mediation with a variety of clients, ranging from retail organisations to trade unions, disputes mainly of a commercial nature in the IT field.

Organisation of complex projects, both in the professional and personal fields including a national regatta.

Resolution of disputes and conflicts in the education sector as a school governor.