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Gill Mansfield

Commercial Disputes
Media & Entertainment
IP, IT/Digital & Tech


Over 20 years’ commercial and legal experience
Specialist in TV, film, theatre, publishing, brands, media finance, production and distribution, digital and interactive media, IT, technology and the creative and cultural industries.
Director at Media Law Services
VP at MTV Networks
Head of Legal at Phaidon Press


Accredited Mediator, UK (CEDR 2006)
Approved Mediator, USA (New York 2015)
Trained in IP Mediation with the World Intellectual Property Organisation
Trained in Intellectual Property Mediation with the World Intellectual Property Organisation
LLM in International, Commercial and European Law
Barrister (non-practising)


Gill is Yorkshire born and bred although these days she calls leafy north London home when she isn’t travelling. She’s a passionate supporter of the arts particularly theatre, film and the visual arts. She’s also a qualified yoga teacher but she promises not make you practice your “downward dog” during a mediation.

Gill Mansfield


Gill’s approach

Gill has many years’ experience working with businesses as an in-house commercial lawyer, negotiating complex high-value deals, resolving legal and business disputes and finding practical solutions to tricky problems. As a mediator, she combines a pragmatic commercial approach with a friendly and engaging manner.

She has a talent for getting to the crux of a problem quickly and getting people to really focus on what matters. Gill believes that one of the strengths of mediation is that it puts the clients in control of the outcome of their own dispute. Her thorough and energetic approach helps clients to identify workable and lasting solutions. With her help they are able to shape an agreement in a way that best suits their needs.

This forward-looking approach allows businesses to focus on doing business rather than being in dispute and enables people to preserve and rebuild personal and commercial relationships.

Gill has successfully mediated disputes on both sides of the Atlantic and has considerable international dispute resolution experience.

Examples of her experience

A complex commercial dispute between an international media company and a company providing customer management services and technology solutions for subscription and pay TV services.

Helping resolve a commercial/IP dispute relating to the development, licensing and distribution of games applications for internet, mobile and interactive TV platforms.

Assisting the parties in a technology and engineering dispute between a company designing and selling medical devices and an international engineering company working with them to design and prototype a new product.

Brokering the solution to a multi-party intellectual property dispute in the publishing industry relating to the use of an image.

Resolving an IT/systems design dispute in the drinks industry.

Resolving a commercial dispute in the brewing/pub industry relating to contractual terms and financial guarantees.

Working with the parties to resolve a dispute arising out of the provision of professional services for a restaurant refinancing in the US.

Helping companies and individuals to resolve a variety of complex commercial problems, contractual disputes and professional negligence claims.

Examples of Feedback

“Very impressed with the mediator who had to deal with difficult and at times emotional parties. A positive outcome was achieved for both parties as a result of the mediation process.” Solicitor, November 2015.

“We selected Gill from a short-list of highly skilled mediators and she was a delight to work with.  The mediation was quite technical as well as emotional for the parties involved.  Gill handled it beautifully, putting the parties at ease from the start.  She was professional and good-humoured, and it was easy to trust her and her skills.  She brought the parties to a fair conclusion by around 6 pm on the day. I would highly recommend Gill and would select her as a mediator again.” Partner, Jurit LLP 2015″

“This is the second time I have worked with Gill, and I found her to be very professional and easy to work with whilst maintaining her impartiality throughout the mediation. She was well prepared, thorough, built up a good rapport with the client and worked hard to ensure that the parties reached the right deal. I would strongly recommend her and would certainly use her services again.” Partner, Jurit LLP, 2015″