Adrian's quoteBackground

Experience in Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Entertainment and Sport
Partner and Group Head at Dentons
Chairman British Association for Sport & Law
Panel Member Mediation North Surrey
Member Arbitrators’ Panel of Independent Film & TV Association
Member Mediators’ Panel of Sport Resolutions UK


CEDR Accredited Mediator


Adrian is a “cricket tragic”, continuing to play and umpire long after it would have been sensible to stop. His obsession being boundless, he now owns a stake in a cricket equipment company (Newbery).

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Adrian’s approach

Adrian has advised financial and other institutions, companies and governments in the telecoms, IT, broadcast and digital media, film and sport sectors. As a result he has extensive negotiation experience. This experience has demonstrated that few issues are “black and white”; most have “shades of grey”. His approach is to build consensus using those “grey areas”. To him, whatever the outcome, this is always the driver.

Examples of his experience

Mediating a legal and cultural dispute between the director and financiers of an international co-production film in order to secure its completion and release.

Conducting over 70 community mediations as a volunteer with Mediation North Surrey.

Non-Executive Chair of a management consultancy helping to resolve inter-partner issues and to finalise business strategies.

Founder of Design & Artists Copyright Society, the collecting society for artists, designers and photographers.

Founder and Non-Executive Director of, a lifestyle and social media portal for the over-50s.