As a team, what we have in common is a combination of business experience with mediation accreditation and practice

As mediators, our key role is to find solutions to conflict without the need for a judgment to be handed down by a third party. In working with you, we find ways of addressing conflicts that are most likely to get results. By being independent and neutral, we:

help you to find common ground;
explore fluidity to unlock beneficial solutions for everyone; and
make sure that the process for doing so is the most appropriate to the context.

We are not just mediators though. Our experience allows us to see that mediation has a far wider application in business and society. What really interests us is working with people to find deep solutions to how differences are worked with, positively in practice. Ultimately, it is a question of turning difference into strength and therefore into better outcomes. This allows us to help individuals and teams to work together better and to access new ways of allowing projects and contracts to deliver greater value.

Julian Roskill leads Consensum Mediation.

You can contact Julian on +44 (0)7831 229122 or email him here