We do this because we like to bring people together.

Facing conflict is a challenge but it has an overreaching importance everywhere we go. We enjoy being part of that. People attracted into our team share that common goal.
We therefore work on conflict resolution initiatives in the community.

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Friendship Finders

Hilary Gallo and Consensum are working with a small group of Children in an on-going project called “Friendship Finders”. This grew out of a class Hilary took at Sandon JMI School during Anti-Bullying Week.

The principles agreed with the children are:

All Together, Together is Better
Everybody is Welcome
All Our Differences Make Us Stronger

“I think Hilary’s work has been fantastic in making our pupils more responsible for
resolving disputes and not relying on adults to do this for them. Now that they have taken ownership of this we have had less squabbles between pupils in this class and small disagreements have been resolved painlessly.”

M. Gilbert, Head Teacher Sandon JMI School