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Taking big decisions is tough. I recently had to make some tough choices and the process made me think about what a decision is and why taking that decision can be so difficult.

The word “decision” seems to come from the latin “decisio” and the verb “decider” which is the action of cutting off. “De” is off and “Caedere” to cut. Once again the origins of language reveal a truth. To decide we have to cut something off. That involves facing loss. One thing we modern folk really hate is loss. Acquiring the thing is the easy bit, getting rid of it once we have it can be really hard. That is also the problem with so many of our so called corporate strategies. If they don’t say no to a few things; things that we aren’t going to do any more, they are probably not good strategy, we are just hedging our bets.

So, making a decision means thinking through the options of the various losses involved. Which gain do you most need and which loss can you make? Which cut of jeans feels like it’s right for you? and – what the hell – the others sure aren’t you so you might as well try it!

Hilary – 5th November 2014