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The telecommunications company, Arqiva held a event yesterday that had an inspirational effect on me.

What Arqiva’s did was to get their L&D suppliers together in a room and talk openly about what they are doing. This means that we all now understand the leadership model they are working to, how they use strengths in developing their people and exactly what their priorities for this year are. I also got to meet a range of suppliers, all of whom had an interest in helping Arqiva achieve their long-term plan.

This is an approach that I’d like to be doing more with customers. Being more open and working together towards clear shared goals is something we would all applaud but its something that is rarely done. If the customer organisation sets the tone of trust and openness then its much easier for suppliers to pick up on that lead and to start to share and collaborate more. Talking to other suppliers I realised it wasn’t just me that got the buzz. Like those we are employed to coach, we were starting to think about how we could best add our own strengths into the overall picture.

We also noticed that the organisation that invited us is not called Human Resources any more. It’s called “People and Organisation”. I like that change also.

Hilary – 16th September 2014